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Location - Toyama, Japan. JAPAN SELECT is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

We work hard in exporting Japanese products globally including famous, where we have been achieving experiences of international trading for nearly eleven years.

Our store sells only brand new products. We do not sell used products.

All our products are Japanese domestic market models.

JAPAN SELECT provides high quality Japanese products at a great low price.

All the products are packed carefully and safely, so you will receive your items in perfect condition. JAPAN SELECT is your best choice to save money and time.

JAPAN SELECT is able to answer your questions on the following days only: Monday to Friday (except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays), 10am - 6pm (Japanese Standard Time)

Company name:
Corporate name: Global Select Shop
Director: Keigo Igarashi
Office Address: 390 Kamiumezawa, Namerikawa, Toyama 936-0853, Japan
Telephone: 81-90-1557-5885