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Flexible Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solution

​​​​​​​The Contain-IT FLEX containment solution is designed to maximize efficiency while creating a predictable operating environment that increases equipment reliability. With airflow integrity greater than 97.5%, Contain-IT FLEX eliminates bypass airflow and recirculation, mitigating high temperature-induced alarms and equipment shutdowns due to thermal overload. 

Contain-IT FLEX Benefits: 

  • Time Savings – Customizable onsite, eliminating manufacturing lead time
  • Maximum Performance – Maintains airflow integrity in horizontal and vertical applications
  • Maximum Density – Maximizes density per cabinet for lower OpEx
  • Sustainability – Helps reduce your carbon footprint

Pre-configured And Configured-To-Order

The Contain-IT FLEX system is comprised of stock components that are assembled to create containment systems. The components can be assembled onsite to create horizontal or vertical containment, supported by the cabinet or ceiling. Purchase in pre-determined aisle sizes or individual pieces to accommodate site specific requirements, including obstacles and obstructions with the ability to make changes without disrupting data center operations.

Flexible By Design

Contain-IT FLEX is a flexible modular solution that can easily overcome obstructions that may arise in any data center environment. These range from filling in the gap caused by missing cabinets, containing against building support columns, creating a thermal barrier for cable ladders, ducting, overhead power or wire mesh baskets that penetrate the containment, and filler panels to adapt to city-scape aisles caused by varying cabinet vendors or in row coolers.

High Thermal Integrity

The components snap together for an airtight fit, allowing the system to maintain integrity with nominal pressures or vacuums from within the aisle. In testing, our vertical containment solution contained 97.7% of the volumetric flow. Similarly, for horizontal containment, Contain-IT FLEX contained 98.7% of the volumetric flow, making the system highly reliable and energy-efficient.

Drop-Away Panels

Drop-away panels are a cost-effective method for fire suppression to enter a contained aisle. The panels soften, distort, and fall when exposed to fire, allowing fire suppression to be effective in the aisle. This eliminates the requirement of installing fire suppression below the containment roof. As in all matters concerning fire suppression, approval from the AHJ is paramount for this application.


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