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Raritan Rack PDUs

From the ground up, Raritan PX Intelligent rack power distribution units are architected with components, features, and failsafes that ensure the most reliable infrastructure possible.  Raritan’s innovative technologies and custom PDU designs revolutionize power and infrastructure management solutions. The Raritan suite of power distribution solutions includes intelligent rack PDUs, inline meters, rack transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems.

Rack PDU Key Benefits:

  • Reliable - Innovation-led design features like built-in failover power, bi-stable latching relays, advanced alerting, proactive intelligence, circuit breaker trip alarming, and physical design elements ensure rock-solid uptime. 
  • Easy to Use – Our rack PDUs deliver a simple user experience for seamless physical deployment, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and power delivery.
  • Future-Proof – Advanced hardware and intelligent software supports current and future growth demands with the most advanced technology and highest power densities available in the market.

Need to have someone contact you regarding rack PDUs? We have a team of our Certified Data Center Designers® available to support you.

Rack Power Distribution Specifications & Unique Features

Broadest Range of Input Power, Form Factors, and Customization

Raritan rack PDUs range from ethernet connected remote metering to outlet switching and monitoring. They support both AC and DC inputs with current from 12 Amps to 100 Amps per line, and voltages from 100V single-phase to 480V/277V three-phase to deliver power capacity up to 67kW. Form factor options include vertical 0U and horizontal 1U to 4U. All Raritan PDUs can be fully customized to meet your unique application.

Xerus™ Technology Platform

Xerus is a combination of software and hardware technologies embedded in all Raritan power products to maximize data center efficiency by delivering security, high compute power, advanced alerting, intelligence, and complete visibility into your power chain.

iX7™ Controller

The rack PDU Controller, standard in all intelligent rack PDUs, offers built-in failover power, is field hot-swappable, and includes dual network access features to enable deployment permissions. It offers a full color matrix LCD that displays critical alerts, voltage, current, and information on connected devices.

Supports Plug-and-Play Sensors

Raritan’s full line of intelligent, Xerus-enabled power distribution products support plug-and-play environmental, security, and peripheral sensors. Our most popular sensors monitor for temperature, humidity, water/leaks, airflow, differential air pressure, contact closure, vibration, and more.

BMS and DCIM Ready

Raritan intelligent rack PDUs simplify your path to BMS and DCIM integration. Our open APIs and high interoperability protocols coupled with Xerus’s developer-friendly technology platform allow users to easily connect and aggregate critical data points regarding power, environmental, security, and asset data to maximize data center efficiency.

Resources & Downloads

Visit Raritan’s website to use our simple rack PDU Selector. Quickly filter through 1,000+ standard PDU configurations to locate a PDU right for your business need. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we also offer the ability to custom build PDUs to your specifications.

Explore Our Power Distribution Product Families

Need to have someone contact you regarding Raritan rack PDUs? We have a team of power experts available to support you, regardless of your project’s stage, size, or scale.