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Luxury Lighting Control & Home Automation

Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems deliver seamless control of luxury spaces. Enjoy effortless comfort in your home with automated lighting control and customized lighting scenes. With modern aesthetics, simple user interfaces, and award-winning software, our system offers complete lighting control to elevate your everyday life. Available in wired or wireless formats, Vantage can be integrated into new construction or retrofitted for existing luxury spaces. By offering design flexibility, unprecedented control and unmatched aesthetics, Vantage has become the premier automated lighting solution for luxury lighting control.

Congratulations to Vantage Controls' new lighting solution, Vantage LHUMAN human centric lighting, for being named a 2021 Connected Design Award winner! Learn how Vantage LHUMAN allows you to provide customers with innovative, customized lighting control.

LHUMAN is the dynamic new lighting control system that integrates precise lighting control with motorized window shading and color-tunable light fixtures to create an interior lighting environment centered around your life and well-being.

Stunning design. Exclusive Control. Explore

Not all lighting controls are created equal. With a customizable Vantage Control system, you can create custom scenes to complement your personal schedule. And with our modern, sleek keypads and touchscreens, your home has never looked better. Ready to get started?

A Vantage Human Centric Lighting (HCL) system renders ideal light based on the natural lighting cycle - no matter what time of day. Need bright light to power your early-morning workout? No problem. Or a warm light to wind down? We’ve got you covered with our HCL system.